So That Everyone’s Voice Is Heard

Samaritans 5K Team

“The Mayors of Allston”

New team, The Mayors of Allston, and their team captain, P.J. Lee, are excited to be participating in the 5K for the first time this fall. While they’re not suicide survivors, their team members understand the importance of Samaritans’ services in the community and hope to increase awareness about suicide prevention through their participation. Read more from P.J. directly about their reasons for running:

Samaritans has always been an organization that I have had a special place in my heart for. From first getting involved with them during my early high school years, to helping advertise Make Noise To Save a Life, to interning on the Samaritans marketing team my sophomore summer of college, to now taking it to the next level and running the Samaritans 5K, I am always exploring new ways to get involved with an organization that I consider family.

I have lost some friends and acquaintances to suicide, but I am very thankful that I have never lost a best friend or a family member. Although I have not been deeply affected directly, those I know that have been affected or even those that I do not but have heard their stories, I cannot help but feel overcome with emotion and the ultimate drive to do whatever I can within my power to help carry on Samaritans mission of making Boston a happier place for everyone.

My friends and I are running this 5K because we want to show our support for this amazing organization that works 24/7 to make sure that every voice is heard and to spread the message of their mission to make Greater Boston the happiest and healthiest place it can possibly be. 

Thank You!
The Mayors of Allston

Way to go, guys! And thank YOU for your support!